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The Charlie Maguire Songbook

Words and Chords to His Most Popular Songs

The "C.C.C."

Words & Music by Charlie Maguire © Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

The Civilian Conservation Corps was started in 1933 by President Franklin Roosevelt, and saved a lot of young men and their families from the hard life that John Steinbeck, Woody Guthrie, and others wrote about. In addition to providing jobs and income during the Great Depression, "RooseveltÕs Tree Army" greatly improved and maintained public lands for all of us, and their work still can be seen 70 years later. Here is a song based on an interview with C.C.C. veteran Orville Kobberdahl, who vividly recalled his days at C.C.C. Camp 1722.

This song is on the album "Stepping Stones." Is there a C.C.C. veteran in your family? Order one for him today! Click on the Recordings page for more information.

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Key of C Major.

C                  C7
Eighty boys down at the courthouse
F                    C
Nineteen and thirty-eight

Been awhile since a job of work
            D7              G
Feels like longer since you ate
C                        C7
Got to be "five-nine" or better
F         C
At least seventeen
     F                          C       A7
For six months at a time on the dotted line
          D           G   C
Make your mark for the C.C.C.


G                          C                 F
Khaki will be your color, reveille your melody
         C                          F
You get a dollar a day, and brother say
C              G   C
Welcome to the C.C.C.

Additional verses:

Flag waving over the campground
"Deer River," "Cutfoot Sioux"
Barracks and a mess hall, and a forestry job to do
It's the Great Depression, that's got you and me
But we're going to prune it down to size, here in the C.C.C. (refrain)

Planting seedlings in the summer, or pulling saws that sing
Of log-wall-white-pine castles, in parks fit for a king
Work for the people, by the people
A working man's army
In the hands of the veterans of the C.C.C. (refrain)

I hear that lonesome whistle
It's blowing long and low
Some poor boy out on the rods
The "3-C's" he don't know
When he gets to where he's going
I hope he'll plainly see
There is something better for the working stiff
Here in the C.C.C. (refrain)

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