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The Charlie Maguire Songbook

Words and Chords to His Most Popular Songs

Getting In The Cows

Words & Music by Charlie Maguire Copyright Mello-Jamin Music-All Rights Reserved

I was born and raised on a dairy farm, and my barn and dairy herd no longer exist. I now sing this song in museums and historical societies for the Smithsonian Institution (see Calendar for details). There is a glimmer of hope however, in the growing demand for a localized food supply with organic methods (we called it "homemade" back then) that might make it possible for some people to live this lifestyle once more.

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F                     C
Getting in the cows, shoo them in the barn
G                                  C-C7
Put them in the stantion, turn the radio on
F                    C
Milk them all dry, send them out again
                                   G             C
Wait a month on the Dairy, for the check to come in
                               G             C
A month on the dairy, for the check to come in

C          C7            F    C
I start my day in the sun-up dark
IÕm going down the lane to bring my milk-cows up
C                       C7                 F      C
Got some Holsteins, some Jerserys and a one-eyed steer
                           G               C
And old brown cow who jumps fences like a deer
F                            C
Dew is on the ground, and my feet are wet
      G                     C-C7
Got a light in my hand, hat on my head
F                      C
Down to the pasture to get my herd
                            G                C
Just chewing their cud, and looking at the birds  (Cho.)

Additional verses:

"Well, get up you cows!" and I get them on the move
Their udders are swinging like water in balloons
I go up to the barn and they know their place
With the lead-cow first then I close the gate
Bring the cart around, give them all some feed
They lick their nose, flap their ears at me
I put on the machine, and it feels so good
To let down their milk like a good cow should (Cho.)

The tourist says a cow's face looks so fine
But I see their back-end most of the time
Sweat all summer to put hay in the mow
Then work all winter, to feed it to the cow
The milking is all done, I've got the weather report
I have my day all planned for my job of work
Back to the pasture goes part of my life
Now I'm going in the house to hug my wife (Cho.)

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