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The Charlie Maguire Songbook

Words and Chords to His Most Popular Songs

We'd Go To Town

(And Go Dancing)

Words & Music by Charlie Maguire © Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

A "museum song" commissioned by Ironworld in Chisholm, Minnesota about transportation on the Iron Range. This song was never recorded, but it is still on "display" on site. Thanks to "D.P." for this request.

"Mesabi Red!" the Iron Range Musical written with Jim Miller and Lance Belville, is in revival at Mesaba Park on Memorial Day weekend May 29-30, 2004. For more information go to www.mesabapark.org.


G                D            G            G7
I'll sing you a song when the work is all done
       C                        G
And the boys would go out on a spree
           D          G
Taking the boardwalk, from location towns
A7                                D
Dressed up, we were something to see
G             D              G
Five miles or more on those split wooden boards
      C                       B7
By the side of the old wagon road
C                        G  Em
When I was a lad on the red Iron Range
C          D            G
Walking's a sure way to go


C                       G
We'd go to town and go dancing
We'd go to town for high times
             D              G
And someone there I'd been fancying
       C             D               C-G-D-G
Would dance with me all through the night

Then the streetcars came in, the "Interurban"
Run by electricity
From Gilbert to Hibbing, the Mesabi Railway
Made all the towns in between
Parkville and Virginia, "Hello" and "I'll see ya"
Chisholm and Eveleth too
There are good seats for one and for all
Just pay the conductor his due (Refrain)

"Bus Andy" come calling, early in the morning
To take me out to the mine
Hibbing to Alice for fifteen cents
Was the start of the Greyhound Bus line
And it's all aboard the "D. and I. R.
To the "Zenith City" we'd go
Black smoke and cinders marking our way
To Duluth on the old railroad (Refrain)

When I took the wheel of my first automobile
And started my driving career
I spend more hours changing the tires
Then I spent going somewhere
But as I look back on the miles that I traveled
On foot, streetcar, and train
Driving or riding, the reason for going
Seems to be always the same

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