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The Charlie Maguire Songbook

Words and Chords to His Most Popular Songs

Good Night Baby

Words & Music by Charlie Maguire © Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

Songs can be practical as well as entertaining. The lullaby is a good example. This one has been tested and approved by discriminating babies and grateful parents all over the country. Note: "Old Ben" refers to the old fashioned Big Ben wind-up clocks with a loud but oddly comforting "tick-toc" I envisioned every nursery should have. From Long Way To Another Friend. To order, click on Recordings.

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D                 A
Good night baby, don't you cry
                                     G      D
You'll be sleeping in the moonlight, by and by
                            E          A
"Old Ben" will be ticking until you awake
                     G        A                 D
And I'll be glad to see you, when the new day breaks

Additional Verses:

 D                   A
Hello baby, snug in bed
                     D7      G
Safe and warm, from toes to head
             E-E7            A
My little honey, don't be afraid
                           G               A    D
Because Daddy is going to rock, all your fears away

You're my puppy in a basket
You're my kitty in a can
You're my rolly-polly gumdrop
You're my little grain of sand
With a tickle and a wiggle, and a worn-out shoe
Well, Daddy is going to hug you, he's going to kiss you too (Cho.)

You're my little old sweetie
And I love you so
I'll miss you even before you are big enough to know
As your days get longer, mine just get old
But you're the best thing in the world to hold

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