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The Charlie Maguire Songbook

Words and Chords to His Most Popular Songs


Words & Music by Charlie Maguire © Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

Here is a good working oral history of Itasca State Park, and its founder Jacob Brower. Apparently singing songs like "Itasca" isnŐt just for outdoor trips to Minnesota's first state park anymore. "J.H." wrote this web site and requested the words and chords to this song because he and his family regularly sing this around the holidays.

"Itasca" is from the CD Stepping Stones available on the Recordings page of this site. Half of the purchase price goes directly back to Minnesota State Parks.

Play Sample

C-F     G           Am
Itasca, mother of a river
C     F       G           C
Jacob Brower, father of a dream
            F         G               Am
He vowed to save her, so that all may know her
C       F       G                 C
She's a beauty, like you've never seen


C     F       G             Am
Jacob Brower, a soldier and a sailor
C   F         G-C
And Itasca in 1891
           F          G              Am
He vowed to save her, her white pine forests
C        F                       G                 C
Her pine cathredrals, before the logger's work was done (refrain)

Additional verses:

The gavel sounded, like axes ringing
At the Capitol, the lumbermen had their say
And single-handed, with one vote in his favor
Jacob Brower, and Itasca got their way

One man to look over twenty-thousand acres
One man alone against it all
One man to put out the fires and the poachers
And the loggers, Itasca's trees they fell (refrain)

One man who died not knowing how it ended
And unmarked grave, one hundred years ago
Jacob Brower, Itasca, and the river
Together in an ancient song they flow (refrain and close)

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