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The Charlie Maguire Songbook

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L'Etoile Du Nord

Words & Music by Charlie Maguire © Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

The title translated is the Minnesota state motto: "Star of the North". Whether you live in Minnesota or are just far from home in Oxford, England like a very special family member, this song may bring you right back with the people you miss.

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  G                    B7             Em
The stories of "Mitakuyapi," Dakota legacy
                C  D7
Day to day were spoken
G                                 B7                   Em
The stories, rippled on lakes so blue, by the Montreal canoe
                      C D7
Were felt across the ocean


G                     E              Am
"L'Etoile Du Nord," shining out so bright
D7                   G     E               Am
A guiding star at night, "The Star of the North"
G                    E              Am
"L'Etoile Du Nord" where the river runs
D7                  G        E            Am-D7
The fire and the drums, are here forever more
"L'Etoile Du Nord"

Additional Verses:

The stories, of the wagon wheel, those trains on rails of steel
Spoke of dust and thunder
The stories, real as a walls of stone, born of flesh and bone
Red, Black, Yellow, White, all colors (refrain)

The stories, passed from voice to hand
In this Minnesota land, of spirit and devotion
The stories, the Anishinabe told, so many years ago
Continue here unbroken (refrain)

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