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The Charlie Maguire Songbook

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Words & Music by Charlie Maguire © 2001 Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

Increasingly we don't measure history by the White Man's discovery of the places Native Americans lived with side-by side-for centuries. Henry Schoolcraft is the White "discoverer" of the headwaters of the Mississippi River, because he had presence of mind to ask the Indians if they knew where it was. They did, and Ozawindib was the one that guided him. In a spiritual way for me at least, Ozawindib continues to show me the way to the natural wonder of our parks.

Play Sample (version from "Harbour Lights")


G                               Am
Ozawindib, oh would you be my guide?

                 D                             G-D
A river I must find, no map can show me how to go

G                                      Am
And when, I find the place I'm looking for

The sacred route the open door

G                             C-G
Your name will always lead me home 


           Am               D                    G           E         E7
Traveling West, traveling light, your paddle, flashing like gold and silver

Am         D           G-E                Am                   D
On a legendary journey back, you already knew, you've always known

G                 E                    Am            D              C-G
Show me again, and again forever, the river and the wild where you roam 

Additional verses:

Ozawindib, you turned around before
Won't you turn around once more, and from Star Island we will go
To make, the expedition once again, but this time my old friend
My heart is open to your soul

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