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The Charlie Maguire Songbook

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Play Us a Waltz

Words & Music by Charlie Maguire © Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

I don't have any grandparents and I often wish I did, so I hang out with older people as often as I can. My "grandparents" live in "homes" with other "seniors" who try to hold onto their memories and their dignity. They are taken care of by well meaning and often highly qualified people who are paid by the hour. What kills them quicker than any disease is that they can't love anyone. There is no one for them to care for and love, they are all far away.

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Play Sample

C                          F                  C
You walk in the door, you see them sitting there
                    Am        F              C
The old people in shawls, in silver wheel chairs
                   Am           F      C-Am
The blind and the lame, herded into a room
                          F          G         C 
Where there is no one to love, and nothing to do


C            Am
"Play us a waltz, play us a tune
                   C                        Am
I'll pray for you Mister, each night in my room
                   F-G               C-Am
My children are grown, my living is done
                     F-G                   C
Oh say you'll remember, my darling young one"

Additional Verses:

Here in this place, there are no last names
It's Martha and Bill, and Sarah and Jane
Everything else, has been given away
To their children who don't come, on visiting day (refrain)

Get them up in the morning, and see that they're fed
Lay them back down at night, while they cry in their beds
In this worst kind of prison, where there ain't no parole
No one sets them free, they're unwanted and old (refrain)

You walk out the door, and they're still sitting there
The old people in shawls, in silver wheel chairs
The blind and the lame, herded back to their rooms
Where there is no one to love, and nothing to do (refrain)

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