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Rainfall Has Turned To Snow

Words & Music by Charlie Maguire © 2000 Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

This song is about a person who waits too long to do something about a troubled relationship. I first sang it on an early "A Prairie Home Companion" show, not as a solo as I usually did, but with the house band; The Powdermilk Biscuit Band. During rehearsal for the show I remember how surprised we all were when the song took on a "life" that it had not had when it was sung alone. It was so much fun that I invited a couple of great performers; Peter Ostroushko and Prudence Johnson, guests from that very same PHC show, and we laid it down just as we had done it on the broadcast.

Play Sample

 C                                      F    C
Over coffee this morning, I heard the radio say
  G                                          C        F
There is a change in the weather, winter is coming today
 C                          F
She is gone and I am all alone
C               G        C
Rainfall has turned to snow

 G              F        C
Rainfall has turned to snow
F                   C
Summertime, where does it go?
G                   F     C
I let her cry too long I know
   F            G        C
Rainfall has turned to snow

Additional verses:

They get it in Dakota, down in Colorado too
They get it in Wyoming way before we do
And I was wrong, but I did not say so
Rainfall has turned to snow

Now the ground is covered in white
Desolate on this cold, cold, night
Too late to stop the tears that flowed
Rainfall has turned to snow

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