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Sam Smith

Words & Music by Charlie Maguire-Copyright ©2003 Mello-Jamin Music -- All Rights Reserved

Sam Smith of the hallowed First Minnesota was a veteran and survivor of the second day at Gettysburg. He later posed for the statue that was dedicated at the battlefield some years later. Before he died he bought an identical copy for his own grave, in Morris, Minnesota. The statue shows him as he was that day in 1863 when the First Minnesota gave "all for the union" and suffered horrific casualties. This song, to be sung unaccompanied, is not yet recorded.

Sam, are you running? Are your running for the Union now?
With the First Minnesota, coming down the hill
You ran with your brothers, through a field in Pennsylvania
The forever ground of Gettysburg
And you are running with them still

With both hands on your rifle
Never falling left or right
Head and shoulders, high above the ground
Forever in Minnesota
Forever in Pennsylvania
For your new state and the Union
With your brothers all around

Sam, are you running? Are you running for the Union now?
So many of them ran with you, who never ran again
In their dying sounds they chose you
As they saw the last of earth or sky above
For you to run forever
In memory of them

With both hands on your rifle
Never looking left or right
Always in the battle, high above the ground
You turned your body into bronze
While you still were living
So you won't be left behind
With your brothers all around

Sam, are you running? Are you running for the Union now?
In a pose, you remembered all your life
The second day at Gettysburg,
The minutes and the hours

With both hands on your rifle
Always looking straight ahead
Running with your brothers for eternity
Your name has been given
All the boys are with you
The Union needs all her sons in 1863

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