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In addition to songwriting, recording, and performing, Charlie Maguire often gets interesting opportunities by institutions to use his talent and music in a variety of ways. Oftentimes you can see the result of these collaborations at various venues in your area. Check the Calendar page for upcoming dates, and the résumé page for previous partnerships.

Here are some projects Charlie has worked on recently. If you have any questions about these, or would like to invite Charlie Maguire to be part of a project out of your office, please write him at mellojam@visi.com.

*Tuesday, July 10, 10:30 AM (Sold Out!)
Charlie Maguire, Pop Wagner, Tony Glover of Woody Reflected serenade "1934"

In conjunction with the Woody Guthrie Centennial, and the Smithsonian Institution, Woody Reflected takes the stage of the 3M Auditorium at the Minnesota History Center in Saint Paul to accompany a showing of "1934-A New Deal".

As the art is shown on a big screen behind the musicians, Woody Guthrie songs played live by the trio have been selected by Pop Wagner to bring the paintings to life, and place them in the context of Woody's musical works. erle_loran

Here is what MHS is saying about the exhibit:

"In 1934, Americans were dealing with an economic situation that feels all too familiar today. Against the backdrop of the Great Depression, the U.S. government created the Public Works of Art Project--the first federal government program to support the arts nationally. A selection of paintings made with support from this program will be on view in the exhibit, organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It features 56 paintings drawn from the museum's unparalleled collection of vibrant paintings created for the program.

Federal officials in the 1930s understood how essential art was to sustaining America's spirit. During the depths of the Great Depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's administration created the Public Works of Art Project, which lasted only six months from mid-December 1933 to June 1934. The purpose of the program was to alleviate the distress of professional, unemployed American artists by paying them to produce artwork that could be used to embellish public buildings. The program was administered under the Treasury Department by art professionals in 16 different regions of the country, including Minnesota.

Artists were asked to depict "the American Scene," but they were encouraged to interpret this idea freely. They painted regional, recognizable subjects - ranging from portraits to cityscapes and images of city life to landscapes and depictions of rural life - that reminded the public of quintessential American values such as hard work, community and optimism. These artworks, which were displayed in schools, libraries, post offices, museums and government buildings, vividly capture the realities and ideals of Depression-era America."

For more details about the exhibit go to: http://minnesotahistorycenter.org/exhibits/1934-new-deal-artists. Dakota

*Woody Guthrie 100th Birthday Centennial Concert!

WHO: Pop Wagner, Tony Glover, Charlie Maguire.
WHAT: Woody Guthrie's 100th Birthday Centennial Concert
WHEN: Saturday, July 14, 2012. At 7&9PM
WHERE: The Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant 1010 Nicollet Ave., Mpls. MN 55403
TICKETS: $15 Reservations suggested at www.Dakotacooks.com or by calling (612) 332-5299

Fresh from a recent appearance on "A Prairie Home Companion", long time Minnesota folkies, Pop Wagner, Charlie Maguire, and bluesman Tony Glover come together again in musical collaboration to celebrate the Centennial Birthday of "the best balladeer to come down the American Pike", Woody Guthrie (1912-2012).

Nora Guthrie, Woody's eldest daughter, says of the trio; "I like and respect you guys a lot" knowing the intensive musical craft and the close connections Wagner, Glover, and Maguire have drawn to her famous father. In addition, the three released a CD in 2011 entitled WOODY REFLECTED in close cooperation with the Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives.

The love of Guthrie lore and song inspired the popular annual concert series in Saint Paul, MN with all three that started in 2009; each concert examining in depth different facets of Guthrie's songwriting. For this historic year, the ballads, blues and "Hard Traveling" songs are featured in the prominent venue of the Dakota on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, a fitting celebratory setting for the 100th Anniversary.

Personal exposure between members of the trio and Guthrie (Who died in 1967), his friends; children; grandchildren; and archivists at the Guthrie Foundation in NY, results in an evening of warm reminiscences and exciting performances rarely found outside the Guthrie family that befits the folksong icon on his 100th Birthday.

The direct connections give Wagner's, Maguire's and Glover's performances an authentic and genuine feel which prompted Minneapolis Star Tribune writer Jon Bream to write: "Unless Bob Dylan were to crash the party, you could not find a more apropos trio...to celebrate Woody Guthrie's Birthday."

All three have expanded upon and written about their long musical lives with Woody in the 8 pages of liner notes that accompany the Woody Reflected CD. You can read them in their entirety at www.charliemaguire.com/WoodyReflectedNotes.pdf.

Guthrie's songs include "So Long, It's Been Good To Know Yuh" and "Roll on Columbia" but there is also a rich feast of Woody's work not commonly heard but sung for years by Wagner and Maguire in celebration of Guthrie in their own careers. Tony Glover supplied an astounding trove of obscure material in collections he's shared with the two since 1980. For example; "Roll on Ocean" mentions Duluth, Minnesota, "High Floods and Low Waters" the flooding of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

Bringing to life Woody Guthrie's musical sightseeing tour of the U.S. "from California to the New York Island", and the spirit of the man and the people he met along the way, is the aim of the trio. Their performance even includes mention of a downloadable list they have put together of Woody's recordings and prose works, including his best biographers to date. All this; in addition to a masterful performance of Guthrie's songs on stage ranging from those that have been sung, to those that should be heard.


Tony Glover-(French Harp/Vocals)-Author-Journalist-Co-Founder of the seminal blues group "Koerner, Ray, and Glover". www.mwt.net/~koerner/tonyglover.html.

Pop Wagner-(Guitar/Fiddle/Vocals) Folksinger,"Renaissance Cowboy"-Opera Singer-Movie Extra-Lariat Artist. www.popwagner.com.

Charlie Maguire-(Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica) Songwriter,"Singing Ranger', "Centennial Troubadour"-Bush & Ucross Fellow. www.charliemaguire.com.www.charliemaguire.com

*Charlie receives "Friend of the Humanities" award.

Charlie Maguire has received the "Friend of the Humanities" award from the Minnesota Humanities Center in Saint Paul, MN, for his ongoing work with the Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC) and the Smithsonian Institution's "Museum on Main Street" (MoM's) program. "Museum on Main Street is a partnership between the Smithsonian Institution and state humanities councils nationwide that serves small-town museums and their patrons."

Charlie has served as "Folksinger/Outreach Artist" for MHC/MoM's since 2004. His programs to Minnesota communities receiving the exhibit have taken him from Pipestone to Roseau, and is the only organized outreach program with the Smithsonian/MoM's and a state humanities organization in the nation.

Charlie created an enduring model enabling historical societies and museums across the state to bring select groups of elementary-age children, and their teachers and parents, into contact with the museums through a unique program that featured performance, musical skills, storytelling, and writing. In addition, Charlie also wrote theme music for three of the five exhibits he has traveled with; to explain and promote the themes of each exhibit within the rural communities they serve.

Maguire is currently "Project Scholar" for New Harmonies; the next MHC/MoM's partnership scheduled to open in Austin, Minnesota in the spring." Arts in Health Care

*Artists in Health Care:
Songwriting as a means to memory

Working with COMPAS and the Minnesota Creative Arts in Aging Network, Charlie is taking his songwriting skills into assisted living centers and nursing homes to combat the effects of Alzheimers Disease. Writing songs with a group of people in intensive sessions over a three-day period is a new step in combating AD. Go into any facility and you'll see programming dedicated to fighting Alzheimers, but here it's combined with creativity, performance, and visual art, and seniors and the elderly take to it not only because its fun and entertaining, but because it encourages individual expression and use of memory.

Charlie has been doing this kind of work for over 25 years, but this is the first time that he has had a chance to work with a group of elderly people over a consecutive period of time, usually three days. It's starts with a training session led by MCAAN founder Pat Samples, for the staff and volunteers of the facility. Then Charlie performs a short concert following the training to introduce himself and his music to the group he will be working with. Following that, the fun begins the next week with three days of songwriting and visual art in which elderly participants and their families can enjoy together. Finally, Charlie photographs the fun on the last day and presents a large collage of the participants along with a finished copy of the song that was created.

Every song created is different, but the "theme" is the same; to think, to create, to remember, to live to the fullest by performing and making art. If you happen to work or volunteer in the health care field and would like to see for yourself how this works, please drop Charlie a note at mellojam@visi.com.

* Fasten your seatbelts!
Two of Charlie Maguire's songs now heard on four major airlines.

If you fly JETBLUE, FRONTIER, AIRTRAN, or EXPRESSJET, in the near future, you may hear "Fall Is Here" or "Play Us A Waltz: as you board or deplane your aircraft wherever your flight originates or destination may take you. Charlie's agent Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) has made these songs available to the above carriers. Have a safe flight, and "Happy Landings!"

* Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota to Honor Nine Who Have made Significant Contributions to Minnesota's Great Outdoor Legacy

CREDIT: Minnesota Office of Tourism

"Minnesota's parks, trails, and other assorted wild outdoor places have long been celebrated as part of our state's great outdoor heritage. On April 24, 2008, at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis, the Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota is celebrating the extraordinary people behind these special places" -- and Charlie Maguire is one of them.

Since the mid-1980s, musician and songwriter Charlie Maguire has devoted a significant portion of his career to acting as a voice for Minnesota State Parks (as their "Centennial Troubadour") and also for the National Park Service (as their first official "Singing Ranger").

Producing two albums (see Recordings) and writing over 35 songs form both agencies on themes of wilderness, unsung heroes (like the first woman ranger Mary Gibbs, Reverend Robert T. Hickman, and river lamplighter Jane Robinson) and the Mississippi River, Maguire has chronicled the establishment, triumph, and struggle for conservation in Minnesota and the heartland of the United States; further, he has taken these songs across the nation and around the world.

With a 34-year career that has spanned recording, touring, teaching, musical theater, film, and television, the Parks and Trails Council award is a celebration of just one significant facet of Charlie's work.

For more information on the Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota, and the honors, please visit www.parksandtrails.org.

* Minnesota 1858-2008 Sesquicentennial Book

  Challie's song Itasca: A Place of Beginnings has been quoted in the new book published by the Minnesota Historical Society celebrating a new exhibit at the Minnesota History Center in Saint Paul, and the Minnesota Sesquicentennial in 2008. The song is only one of two in the entire book (the other one is Bob Dylan's) and the only song to have an entire verse quoted in its entirety. The song quote leads into an acknowledgment of Itasca State Park at the Headwaters of the Mississippi River as one of 150 "people, places, and things, that shape our state."

Itasca: A Place of Beginnings is from Charlie's album of songs about Minnesota State Parks; entitled: Wilderness Road. Click on the Recordings page and Wilderness Road CD cover to hear it!

* U.S. Department of State: Washington, D.C.

Malta! The Press & Reviews are in!

Charlie Maguire gave performances and conducted residencies on the Mediterranean island of Malta in July. Concerts at the Saint James Cavalier Center for Creativity, a restored 12th Century battlement, were held in the capital city of Valletta. Sponsored by the United States Embassy, U.S. State Department Fulbright Grant, Charlie also included programs for children in surrounding towns, which provided some unforgetable moments in his first-ever U.S. State Department concert invitation. Media interest in his own brand of American folk was heavy. Charlie appeared in both daily newspapers frequently during, and after his tour was complete. A review by Maltese writers Astrid Vella, and an article by Catherine Maubert from the The Times of Malta and The Malta Independent appear below.

Click here or on one of the images above for a PDF version of the full articles (1.4 MB).

* National Endowment for the Humanities-Washington, DC

An Army nurse giving an enlisted man an innoculation.
CREDIT: U. S. Army/U. S. Government Printing Office

"Khaki and Camaraderie"

"Khaki and Camaraderie: World War Two Men and Women" came at the invitation of the Minnesota Humanities Center and the Golden Valley (MN) Historical Society. A special initiative of the Minnesota Humanities Center and the National Endowment for the Humanities, "We the People" grants are given in support of projects that examine the history, accomplishments, and culture of the United States.

"Khaki and Camaraderie" brings World War Two veterans, especially women on the front lines and the home front together with their stories, letters and photographs in a community program for everyone. The program features up to 4 veterans sharing a story of their wartime experience interspersed with music from the time. as well as original music and historical commentary.

G.I. Nightingale

Words and music by Charlie Maguire-2005-Mello-Jamin Music
All Rights Reserved

Looking back 60 years as we observe the anniversary of the end of World War II, there are still elements to the human story that are just now just being fully explored and appreciated. I'm speaking of the women of the United States Army Nurse Corps, almost 60,000 strong, who volunteered to serve in hospitals to care for wounded GI's under all kinds of conditions. Long known by their grateful patients who came home to live productive lives after the war, their story, aside from some brilliant early efforts, is just beginning to be told.

Two A.N.C. nurses had a positive effect on the creation of this song; one is Frances Slanger, a nurse killed in action in the ETO and the subject of a well-written and profoundly touching book by Bob Welch (American Nightingale: The Story of Frances Slanger Forgotten Heroine Of Normandy, Atria Books-NY). The other is Esther Schmaedeke whom I interviewed for "Khaki and Camaraderie" who served stateside caring for returned soldiers from the ETO, and later for wounded evacuated to Saipan and Guam from other fighting fronts in the Pacific.

Esther is the embodiment of an A.N.C. veteran, and her living inspiration added so much to this song. To me, it was as if she were speaking for Frances as well as for all of her surviving sisters then and now in the present day. "G.I. Nightingale" could not have been written without her.

Army nurses on Okinawa washing in helmets
CREDIT: U. S. Army/U. S. Government Printing Office

* Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Minnehaha Falls
In 1889, this could have been Minnesota's first state park: Minnehaha Falls.
CREDIT: www.charliemaguire.com

Commission: "A Song For The Parks"

"A Song For The Parks": Charlie Maguire has been commissioned by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, to write the first song for the Minneapolis park system in its 122 year existence.

FACT: Minneapolis has one of the oldest parks system in the nation. "Public spirited pioneer Edward Murphy" donated 3.33 acres of land for the first park in Minneapolis in 1857, "one year before New York City had its first park, the present Central Park.." (Wirth). When the Minnesota Legislature failed to secure present-day Minnehaha Falls park as it's first state park in 1889 (They would finally succeed in doing so in 1891 with the establishment of Itasca State Park) the Minneapolis Board of Park Commissioners already established since 1883, "manifested its courage and good judgment to secure title to the land" (Wirth).

A Song for the Parks

Words and Music by Charlie Maguire-Copyright 2006 Mello-Jamin Music-All Rights Reserved

Theodore Wirth welcomed the children
The first to let them run and play
Soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball on the field
A continued invitation to this day

Before Minnesota was a white star on the flag
Before Central Park was in New York
The City of Minneapolis had established Murphy Square
For long parkside evening walks

In a city shining in the sun
With trails to gardens all in bloom
With a forest over everyone
And the Mississippi River running through

-additional verses-

The working falls of Saint Anthony
That helped build the city seen today
And the wispy beauty of Minnehaha Falls
Continue on their way

The Grand Rounds link the river to the lakes
Joining the paddle with the sail
Our heart's desire with pioneering conservation
Is seen every day out on the trail