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Words & Music by Charlie Maguire © Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

Superior, a song about the greatest-great-lake, has not been recorded for commercial release. I wrote it years ago, and the world premiere was at a folk festival in Duluth, Minnesota. I remember that it was very late in the evening, and I had been asked to stop by after an earlier gig, for "just a couple of songs." I sang this song acapella, one of the few times I had sung it in public, and everyone came in on the refrain. They sounded quite good! Early last summer I got an Email from "Trish" asking me for the lyrics. She had moved from Minnesota to California for 20 years or so, and after years of "discontent" had moved back to Minnesota "and happiness." All the time she was away, singing "Superior" had brought her "through some very tough times." I did not ask if she had been in the audience that night, but she might have been! So "Trish," finally, here is the song you have carried in your heart so long. Welcome home!.

Note: You'll hear guitar on this version, but just use your voice.

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Now is the time, we must part
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Superior
From this pier, into the dark
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Superior

I'll fold the shirt, you held me in
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Superior
To carry, but never to wear again
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Superior

I'm bound for the ocean, I'm telling you
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Superior
I'd rather have you, to come back to
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Superior

The songs that never seem to end
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Superior
Are those that are sung, by truest friends
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Superior

Remember me standing by your door
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Superior
On every mile of your northern shore
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Superior

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