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Winter on the Farm

Words & Music by Charlie Maguire © 2000 Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

Things slowed down on the farm in winter; the planting and harvesting were done, the silo full, the hay and straw stacked high in the mow. We milked our cows, cleaned the barn and that was the big work for the day. (From Biography. Click on Recordings for ordering information).

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D                           G             D
The cattle are in, and the hay is in the mow

Mother cat and her kittens are coming down for chow

D                     G          D
Milkman backing right up to the barn

                               A              D
With the sun on the snow, and winter on the farm

Additional verses:
If you want to be a farmer, you have to do it yourself (3X)
Because at five in the morning, there is nobody else

The frost is thick on the window and the door (3X)
But the barn is nice and warm as you start on the chores

Got a new little calf, she was born last night (3X)
Having breakfast on momma and doing all right

Pour the milk through the strainer down into the tank (3X)
That costs so much money that you still owe the bank

You feed them all up, and you bed them all down (3X)
That's about all you do when the show is on the ground

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